Calgary Stampede offers octopus lollies, pickle pops and deep-fried chicken skin

CALGARY — This year’s midway menu at the Calgary Stampede includes ice pops made from pickle juice, deep-fried chicken skin and octopus deep-fried or in a lollipop.

The 10-day festival celebrating the cowboy life tries to outdo itself each year in its culinary offerings.

Octopus will have a strong showing this summer, as will hearts — be they the deep-fried centres of artichokes or barbecued chicken hearts on a stick.

There will also be pickle-flavoured cotton candy and ice cream.

Corn dogs are still on the menu, but with added options, including one coated in hot Cheetos and another one with ramen noodles.

Visitors with a sweet tooth will be able to try butter-beer ice cream or a pizza topped with hot sauce, pepperoni, bacon — and maraschino cherries.




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