Folau blasts code of conduct process, signals legal battle

The Wallabies fullback was found to have committed a «high level» breach of Rugby Australia’s code of conduct after making anti-gay posts on social media last month, with a three-person independent panel recommending last Friday that his contract be torn up.


Under the code of conduct process, Folau had 72 hours to appeal against the decision, and that window closed at midday on Monday. RA announced his contract would be terminated.

Folau said he had been humbled by support from all corners after his sacking over anti-gay social media comments and still wanted to play rugby.

«The messages of support from fans, players, former rugby administrators and the public have been humbling,» he said.

«I believe I still have a lot of rugby left in me and the potential impact of Rugby Australia’s decision on my reputation and my career is substantial.

«Ultimately, I need to do what is best for my family, my teammates and the fans, so I am considering all potential avenues open to me.»

Folau’s only option now is to lodge a claim through the courts, which he is yet to do.




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