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The Medicine or Myth team - Ashraful Haque, Charlie Teo and Ginni Mansberg.

The Medicine or Myth team — Ashraful Haque, Charlie Teo and Ginni Mansberg.

New series ★★★

Monday 20 May 8.30pm, SBS

As renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo points out, Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers – or even, sometimes, any answers at all. So it’s worth approaching traditional, natural and/or crackpot remedies with an open mind. In this new series – a kind of worthy version of Shark Tank – people present their unorthodox medical solutions to three experts (Teo, doctor and journalist Ginni Mansberg and immunologist and medical researcher Ashraful Haque), who decide if they warrant being formally trialled.


The Voice

The Voice

Series return ★★★½

Sunday 19 May 7pm, Nine

Every season of every reality show announces itself as “best ever”, but at first glance season eight of The Voice looks like at least being the best in a long time. For a start, any show is automatically improved by the addition of Guy Sebastian (who joins Delta, Boy George and Kelly Rowland in the big red chairs). The first contestant in this year’s blind auditions brought tears to my eyes. In a good way. And inviting past contestants back to try again is looking like being an inspired decision.


Treasures of the British Library

Treasures of the British Library


Monday 20 May 8.30pm, Arts

One of those concepts you’d love to see remade here, in which famous or semi-famous people have the chance to get up close and personal with selected items from Britain’s largest library. Apart from anything else it’s a great reminder of the whole world contained in the word “book”: maps, original sheet music, recipes, sketches and drawings and hand-written manuscripts as well as rare and beautiful published books. Entertaining and enlightening, regardless of whether you’re a bibliophile or have never set foot in a library in your life.

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