Rampe strikes again: Sydney cheer squad’s tribute to post-climber

If you didn’t have your eyes trained on Sydney’s banner before Saturday night’s clash with North Melbourne in Tasmania, you might have missed the miniature Dane Rampe clinging to the side of the banner post.

No, the Swans defender and co-captain did not reprise his bewildering goal post climb from the weekend before. And just as well, given the fallout from Rampe’s effort to spoil David Myers’ after-the-siren kick for goal, which was taken very seriously indeed by the AFL, Essendon and Sydney.

Look closely: A Dane Rampe doll clings to the side of the Sydney banner post

Look closely: A Dane Rampe doll clings to the side of the Sydney banner post

But it appears the Swans’ cheer squad found the funny side of «post-gate».

While the banner was erected for the players running onto the ground, a small doll, with the number 24 on its back and a distinctive Rampe-style moustache drawn on, was seen climbing up the side of the banner.

Not just the side of the banner, but one of the beams holding it in place. Some would say it was a post.

Luckily the game hadn’t started, otherwise the doll might have been penalised for shaking the post. Not that anyone is any clearer on whether it’s actually an enforceable rule, anyway. We now know that intentionally shaking the post incurs a free kick, even though Rampe got away with a warning on the night and a $1000 fine, suspended, afterwards.

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